Air Doctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Air Purifier

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AirDoctor 5500 vs. Medify MA-50 Air Purifier

An air purifier is an essential piece of equipment every household should have because it maintains a good air quality that we and our family breathe. Every commercial establishment should also put them in the place of business, especially those catering to many people daily.

You’ll probably find two popular air purifier brands in the market: the  Air Doctor 5500 and Medify Air MA-50. Two have excellent fans that filter particles and pathogens and a wide range of coverage.

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Air Doctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50—Which air purifier is better than the other?

Airdoctor 5500 is a popular air purifier brand because of the unit’s high-performance fans that effectively purify the air; it also releases negative ions to improve the quality of air circulation in a specific space.

On the other hand, Medify Air MA-50 also offers high-performing filters, showing it can purify the air of all particles by 71%.

In this article, I will provide further details about the important specifications of Airdoctor 5500 and Medify Air MA-50 to help you determine which brand is the best for you. 

Air Purifier Air Doctor 5500 Medify Air MA-50
Room Size Coverage 868 sq. ft. 5x/hour  440 sq. ft. 5x/hour
CADR (Smoke)/CFM 534 364
Fan Speeds 6 4
Noise Level 30 – 50 dB  21.9 – 58.7 dB
Power Consumption 10 – 100 W  70 W
Dimensions 16″ (W) x 16″ (D) x 28.75″ (H) 9.8” (W) x 9.8” (D) x 21.25” (H)
Weight 33 lbs  16 lbs
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Air Doctor 5500 Air Purifier 

Airdoctor 5500 (AD5500) Air Purifier 

Airdoctor 5500 boasts a four-stage filter for purifying and improving the air circulation of a closed room.

The filter stages include the pre-filter, activated carbon, HEPA filter, and the release of negative ions in the air.

The Airdoctor 5500 has two large high-performance fans carrying the filtration process. What this means is that it is also capable of purifying wide spaces.

Although the advantages of the Airdoctor 5500 are pretty much apparent now, you have to note its pros and cons to help you further determine if they’re a good buy.


  • The Airdoctor 5500 is user-friendly and only has a few buttons to operate.
  • It has two high-performance fans. It is capable of purifying a wide room that is approximately 1001 square feet.
  • It offers four stages of filtration in purifying the air circulation.
  • The HEPA filters of the unit can reduce the presence of particles and harmful pathogens in the air from over 396 to a minimum of 19 or from between PM10 and PM2.5 down to the microscopic size of PM0.1.
  • The Airdoctor 5500 also releases negative ions that improve air circulation. Thus, you can have the peace of mind that the air you and your family breathe is virus-free.


  • The Airdoctor 5500 is bulky and quite heavy. As a result, storing or moving them across the floor will also be a challenge.
  • The unit’s fans are noisier than other popular brands of air purifiers, but it is tolerable, nonetheless.

Medify Air MA-50 Air Purifier 

MA-50 Air Purifier V3.0

Medify Air MA-50 has high-speed fans that can efficiently clear the room of particles and any unpleasant odors.

But the impressive feature of the Medify Air MA-50 air purifier is that it can efficiently purify the air and cleanse it by 71% in just about 30 minutes.

But before buying the Mediy MA-50, you must first consider the pros and cons of owning the air purifier to help you determine if they’re the right buy for you.


  • Wide area of coverage that is about 1100 square feet.
  • The air purifier is efficient in purifying air and can cleanse the air circulation in just 15 minutes for a 550-square-foot room and 30 minutes for an 1100-square-foot room.
  • It utilizes all corners of the air purifiers.
  • It offers three filtration stages: pre-filter, True HEPA H13, and active carbon composite to eliminate bad odors.
  • It has a stylish and minimalistic design that is perfect for all forms of interior design.


  • The filters of Medify Air MA-50 have a short average life of only 3 to 4 months before you have to replace them.
  • The unit has no auto-detection, so you must manually enable the air purifier whenever necessary.

Air Doctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Design

Upon first sight, the bulky and large design of the Airdoctor 5500 air purifier is noticeable. It is also so heavy that moving them across the floor and storing them in the closet can be challenging.

But the great thing about the Air Doctor 5500 is that operating the unit is straightforward and generally user-friendly.

The Medify Air MA-50 has a more minimalistic and modern aesthetic that suits all interior designs. It has a box-rectangle design with soft edges. And the grills of the fans are on every side of the box-type air purifier.

Lastly, the control panels of the unit are above the front grills. 

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Airdoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Filters

The apparent difference between the two units is the capability of filters. The Medify Air MA-50 air purifier has three stages of filtration compared to Air Doctor 5500’s four stages of filtration.

All stages of the filtration process of Medify Air MA-50 only involve eliminating particles, fumes, and bad odors in the air. On the other hand, the first three processes of Airdoctor 5500 involve all of the same ones with Medify Air, but the last part includes taking advantage of negative ions.

Below is a summary of the four stages of filtration by Airdoctor 5500:

Airdoctor 5500's four levels of filtration

  • First Stage: Pre-Filter – When you enable the unit, it will first filter the air of the airborne compounds into its filtration system.
  • Second Stage: Activated Carbon – The compounds go through the activated carbon filters, which trap and eliminate VOCs, toxic fumes, bad odors, allergens, and other harmful pathogens.
  • Third Stage: HEPA Filters – The last filtration stage is when the unit’s HEPA filters eliminate the particles down to 0.003 microns.
  • Fourth Stage: Negative Ions – Finally, the unit releases negatives into the air, enhancing air circulation quality.

Now, below is a summary of how the three-layer filters of Medify Air MA-50 work:

Medify Air MA-50 Air Purifier filter

  • First Stage: Pre-Filter – the unit filters the air of harmful compounds and other particles to its filtration system.
  • Second Stage: True HEPA H13 – HEPA is short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. And the H13 indicates that the unit is medical-grade and can eliminate 99.99% of viruses.
  • Third Stage: Active Carbon Composite – The unit eliminates the particles once it goes through its activated carbon filters.

Airdoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Best Features

The best features of the Air Doctor 5500, other than the unit’s powerful filtration system, are as follows:

  • The unit has an automatic mode that turns on whenever its sensors detect a decrease in air quality.
  • Airdoctor 5500 offers an Air Quality Particle Sensor and Light that gives you updates about the quality of air circulation.
  • It has a total of six different fan modes.
  • The package includes two permanent filters, two activated carbon filters, and two H13 UltraHEPA filters.

On the other hand, the other notable features of Medify Air MA-50 are as follows:

  • It offers a total of four fan modes, including a night mode.
  • MA-50 has a child lock to prevent your child from playing with the air purifier.
  • It uses ultraviolet light to monitor air quality and manually disinfect a specific spot.
  • You will also benefit from the unit’s Filter Replacement Indicator, allowing you to determine if the filters need replacement.
  • The package comes with a lifetime warranty under US jurisdiction.

Air Doctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Energy Consumption

Airdoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Energy Consumption

Both Air Doctor 5500 and Medify Air MA-50 have certifications from EnergyStar. This means you don’t have to worry about a sudden spike in your electricity bills.

However, it appears that Medify Air MA-50 is more energy efficient. And this is perfectly reasonable, considering the unit only has four fan modes. The air purifier only consumes about 70W when using the fourth fan mode.

On the other hand, Airdoctor has higher power consumption since it has six total fan modes to work with. Under the first fan mode, it only consumes about 10W. And under the highest fan mode setting, it consumes approximately 100W of power.

Nevertheless, the power consumption of both units isn’t high. And you can be sure they won’t significantly affect your monthly electricity bill. Thus, you can use the air purifier as much as possible whenever necessary.

Airdoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Noise Level

Airdoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Air purifier Noise Level

The difference in noise level between the Medify Air MA-50 air purifier and Air Doctor 5500 is surprising. Medify MA-50 only has four fan modes, indicating that this unit is quieter. But this isn’t exactly the case.

The Airdoctor 5500 air purifier is not the quietest unit on the market. However, this unit appears to be better than the Medify Air MA-50.

Air Doctor 5500 emits a noise level between 30dB when using low-fan mode and 50dB when using the highest fan settings.

The Medify Air MA-50 produces a noise level of 21.9dB under a low-fan setting and a maximum of 58.7 dB when using the highest fan mode.

AirDoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Room Coverage And CADR Rating

Medify Air MA-50 coverage area is up to 440 square feet 5x or 1100 sq. ft. 2x per hour. The CADR for smoke is 276 CFM.

Meanwhile, AD5500 can clean an area of up to 868 square meters 5x per hour or 2170 sq. ft. 2x each hour. The CADR for smoke is 560 CFM.

Air Doctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Upkeep

Like most brands of air purifiers, the maintenance and cleaning of Medify Air MA-50 and Airdoctor 5500 are relatively straightforward.  However, regular maintenance is necessary, which may cost you expenses simultaneously.

Regular cleaning of the filters may require you to do it at least once a week. And it only involves dusting the filters and rinsing them with water.

However, you may need a replacement once you notice that the filters are no longer as effective in filtering bad odors. The frequency of replacement depends on usage and the types of filters you are using.

The HEPA filters of Air Doctor 5500 have an average useful life of 6 to 12 months. And the usefulness of the filters could even go beyond or under the specified period depending on how frequently you use and clean the filters.  

Although Medify Air MA-50 uses the same HEPA filters, the expected average useful life of its filters is only 3 to 4 months. It might also go under the 3 and 4 months if you use the unit frequently or are not diligent in cleaning the filters.

Also, although Medify Air MA-50 only has four fans, they are not as efficient, causing the filters to depreciate faster than the filters of the Air Doctor 5500. 

AirDoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Price

Airdoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50 Price

Air Doctor 5500 air purifier price on the official website is $999 ($699 to our blog readers), with an option to purchase now and pay later as low as $61/month, while the Medify Air MA-50 price is around $449 on official website

Medify Air MA-50 replacement filter costs $69.99.

AirDoctor 5500 replacement filter set price is $318. It includes 2 UltraHEPA filters and 4 Carbon Gas Trap/VOC filters.

AirDoctor 5500 vs. Medify Air MA-50: Which One Is Better?

If you are too conscious about the aesthetics of the air purifier, then the best option is the Medify Air MA-50. Aside from the style of the unit, it also offers quality features and functionalities, including the H13 HEPA filter that effectively eliminates viruses by 99.99%.

Medify Air MA-50 is also more energy efficient than Air Doctor 5500. Medify Air MA-50 only consumes a maximum of 70W against the estimated 100W power consumption of Airdoctor 5500. 

However, Air Doctor 5500 is the best overall air purifier. Although bulky, heavy, and less stylish, the unit performs better than Medify Air MA-50.

For example, the AirDoctor 5500 is quieter and has four filtration stages, including releasing negative ions. It also features an air quality sensor and a light indicator that allows you to monitor air quality. 

The sensor also comes with an automatic mode that turns on the device whenever it detects a sudden drop in the quality of air circulation. 

AirDoctor 5500i - Airdoctor with Wifi connected app

Even better, Air Doctor now has an updated model AD5500 version called AD5500i, with a WiFi-connected app with full control over your air purifier through your phone.

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