Air Doctor Next Generation Air Purifier Models – 2000i, 3500i, 5500i Reviewed

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AirDoctor Next Generation Air Purifier Models - 2000i, 3500i, 5500i

Air Doctor has unveiled its latest innovation – WiFi-connected air purification units. The AD2000, AD3000, and AD5500 have now been ingeniously transformed into their tech-savvy counterparts, namely the AD2000i, AD3500i, and AD5500i. 

The upgrade includes a smartphone app. The app is designed to give users unparalleled control and insight into their indoor air quality. 

Air Doctor Wi-Fi Connected Air Purifiers 

Air Doctor Wi-Fi Connected Air Purifiers 

Thanks to their innovative mobile app and Wi-Fi capability, the new Wi-Fi-connected AirDoctor line of air purifiers is not just about cleaner air; it’s also about ease and control.

Whether you opt for the AD2000i, AD3500i, or AD5500i, the app experience remains consistent across all models, and it’s a game-changer for managing indoor air quality.

A Breeze to Get Started

Installing the AirDoctor app is a breeze. Download it from the App Store or Google Play, and you’ll have cleaner air. Creating an account is a snap involving just a few simple steps.

Seamless Setup

Upon opening the app, you’ll be greeted with real-time outdoor air quality data sourced from IBM/The Weather Channel. It’s a handy feature that keeps you informed.

Connecting your AirDoctor device to the app is where the magic happens. After tapping ‘Add New Device,’ you’ll hold down your AirDoctor’s Wi-Fi button until the indicator blinks blue.

Choose a room category, and let your phone locate your AirDoctor. With a few selections, your cellphone and AirDoctor become fast friends.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

The app empowers you to take charge of your air purifier. You can turn your AirDoctor on/off, select your preferred fan speed, or engage in auto mode. Dim the lights, set timers, and control the ion generator – it’s all at your fingertips.

Keep tabs on your filter life with the app’s remaining percentage and get filter change alerts. The app even lets you order replacement filters effortlessly.

Tailored Schedules and Sharing

AirDoctor Wi-Fi COnnected air purifier mobile app

One standout feature is Schedule Boosts. Specify a time, say, 6 a.m., and watch your air purifier kick into action. You can set this up for multiple days, tailoring it to your needs.

Sharing is caring, and with the app, you can grant access to friends or family, letting them control your air purifier. Choose between read-only or full access, making it a breeze to share the benefits of clean air.

Real-Time Data Insights

The app takes it further by providing real-time data on your room’s air quality, including pollen and PM counts. It’s a comprehensive snapshot of your environment.

In a nutshell, the Air Doctor app is a standout in the air purifier world. It’s easy to install and exceptionally user-friendly, making it a breeze to understand and manage every aspect of your air quality.

The power to breathe cleaner, healthier air is now proper in your hands.

How Does the AirDoctor Work?

How does Air Doctor Wi-Fi Connected Air Purifiers work

Besides the new Wi-Fi connectivity and app, Air Doctor air purifiers are still good-looking and powerful. AirDoctor doesn’t just play around when it comes to your air.

AirDoctor employs a cutting-edge three-stage filtration process that’s nothing short of magical. First up is the Pre-Filter, dutifully catching those larger airborne intruders.

Then, it’s the Carbon/VOC filter’s turn, tackling the nasty volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), including that sneaky formaldehyde.

But here’s where AirDoctor flexes its superpowers: the UltraHEPA® filter swoops in, capturing particles as minuscule as 0.003 microns. Yes, you read that suitable – 0.003 microns, a whopping 100 times smaller than your run-of-the-mill HEPA filters in ordinary air purifiers.

In a nutshell, AirDoctor isn’t just an air purifier; it’s an air superhero. It banishes the teeny-tiny and the ginormous particles with finesse, even kicking VOCs to the curb. It’s like having a sentinel guarding your air quality 24/7.

Finding Your AirDoctor: The Perfect Fit

When it comes to AirDoctor, one size doesn’t fit all. Choosing the right model hinges on where you plan to unleash its air-purifying magic.

As a general rule of thumb, if there’s a doorway in the room, it deserves its very own Air Doctor. And when you’re stuck between two sizes, always go bigger – it’s like giving your space an air-quality upgrade.

Match your room with the perfect Wi-Fi Connected AirDoctor:

Air Doctor 2000i

AirDoctor 2000i - Airdoctor with Wifi connected app

The All-Rounder Small/medium bedrooms, high-traffic zones (think bustling offices and baby nurseries) – this one covers you. It’s compact, but don’t be fooled; it’s a quiet powerhouse.

Air Doctor 3500i

AirDoctor 3500i - Airdoctor with Wifi connected app

The Versatile Maverick: This is your go-to for those wide-open spaces and grand studios. Master bedrooms, kitchens, and the heart of your living spaces – it tackles them all easily.

Air Doctor 5500i

AirDoctor 5500i - Airdoctor with Wifi connected app

The Air Grandmaster This is the heavyweight champ, ready to conquer 1-bedroom apartments, expansive living areas, open-concept spaces, and even the kingdom of garages. When it comes to pure air domination, the 5500i rules the realm.

How Much Does The New AirDoctor Wi-Fi Connected Air Purifiers Cost?

Each model costs $100 more than their original versions.

So, the model AD2000i price on the official store is $489, AD3500i $729 and AD5500i $1,099.

Is that expensive? It depends on how you evaluate your health and well-being. Those are decent prices for the performance and all the features you get.

And you know what? Our blog readers get huge discounts up to $300, so check out the discounted prices here.

Besides, AirDoctor believes its products so profoundly that it even offers 30 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 30 days, and if you are unsatisfied, return it.

Try Out New Wall Mount AirDoctor Unit

Brand New wall mount AirDoctor air purifier AD2500 for sale discount

Final Thoughts on Wi-Fi Connected Air Purifiers

I also liked them before the Wi-Fi-connected option, so this new feature is an add-on. Original units have an auto mode, so I usually use that, and I know my air quality is in good hands. So you can still get original versions and save money.

But if you want to move forward and use a smart device, go for the Wi-Fi option. It’s great to check all data on your phone, even far away from home.

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