Air Doctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Cool Formaldehyde Air Purifier

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Airdoctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Cool Formaldehyde Air Purifier

Air cleaning is an industry that is growing at a rapid rate. There are so many different brands and designs available today. It can be difficult for consumers to know which product will work best.

So we’ve decided to compare two of the most popular options: the Air Doctor 3000 and the Dyson TP09 Cool Air Cleaner.


Both are powerful, but plenty of things make each of them different. You can use it for your preferred situations. So, let’s compare the features and differences. As well as the pros and cons, you can decide which is right for you!

Air Doctor 3000 and Dyson TP09 Cool Formaldehyde are two of the best purifiers on the market. They have a greater sense of air filtration in your home’s massive spaces. The AD3000 is a compact air purifier that doesn’t require much work to set up. Conversely, Dyson TP09 Cool has a unique filtering feature. It can capture and clean formaldehyde from the air. 

Air Purifier Air Doctor 3000 Dyson TP09 Cool Formaldehyde
Room Size Coverage 505 sq. ft. 5x/hour 150 sq. ft. 5x/hour
CADR (Smoke)/CFM 340 N/A
Fan Speeds 4 4
Noise Level 39-59 dB 46 – 59.8 dB
Power Consumption 11 – 110 W 6 – 40  W
Dimensions 15.75″ (W) x 8.35″ (D) x 23″ (H) 8.67” (W) x 8.67” (D) x 41.34” (H)
Weight 18 lbs 11.68 lbs
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Air Doctor 3000 Air Purifier

AIRDOCTOR AD3000 AD3500 Air Purifiers for Home And Large Rooms

AD3000 from Air Doctor is a moderately sized air purifier that can be set up quickly and easily. The controls are button-based, and the upkeep is easy to maintain.

This device works well and is perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas. Moreover, it’s suitable for usage throughout big sections of your home. Airdoctor AD3000 also features cutting-edge technology for air filtering.

Reviews indicate that it is the quietest air purifier on the market. Consumers had a comfortable night’s sleep, free of any stuffiness. 

A few of them remarked that the odor seemed to have vanished rapidly. People think it’s great because of the qualities it does offer. However, consumers wish it had remote access through an app.


  • High-quality air filtration system
  • Strong fan power
  • Quiet device


  • It does not have an application feature

AirDoctor 3500i - Airdoctor with Wifi connected app

No worries, here comes the AirDoctor 3500i: The original classic, now with a touch of pure magic! With an enchanting Wi-Fi-connected app, you’ll unlock a world of real-time air quality revelations, filter change wizardry, device control sorcery, and device-sharing secrets – all right in the palm of your hand!

Dyson TP09 Air Purifier 

Dyson TP09 Cool Formaldehyde

Dyson fitted it with a specific solid-state sensor to ensure the TP09 lasts as long as possible.

For example, furniture and wooden products with formaldehyde-based resins contribute to air pollution. This happens by releasing toxic chemicals. Dyson TP09 stands out because it can remove formaldehyde from the air.

Additionally, anyone can easily navigate and set up the Dyson TP09 in 10 minutes.

Regarding satisfaction, consumers are happy because of the calm air it produces. The device makes the wind feel more like a gentle breeze than a brisk fan. Also, they have less trouble sleeping and fewer allergy symptoms. Their only real criticism is that it’s rather tall for its size.


  • Contemporary Art Gallery Aesthetics
  • Formaldehyde removal functionality
  • App interface and app-based functionality


  • Relatively low clean-air delivery rates 
  • The fan is quite noisy

Air Doctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Design 

The Dyson TP09 is much bigger and taller than the Airdoctor3000. It also comes in two distinct colors. However, with Airdoctor 3000, you’ll notice that it only offers one color selection.

In addition, the Dyson TP09 provides a tiny LCD screen, remote, and application navigation. But, AD3000 uses only a button interface.

AIRDOCTOR AD3000 AD3500 Air Purifiers for Home And Large Rooms dimensions and size

To begin with, the Dyson TP09 has a stunning design. This modern air cleaner has a height of around 41 inches, a width of about 8.66 inches, and a weight of 11.68 lbs.

This variant comes in two distinct tones: white and gold. The bottom gray section (the base) is securely fastened in position.

We can see the air multiplier’s base, power button, and display just above the screen. You can view everything about the devices’ modes and status on the screen. You can locate it from the top left to the bottom right. Dyson has high-standard remotes to operate.

The buttons allow you to adjust the power and information display. You can also navigate air volume, auto mode, front/back airflow, oscillation, and night mode. Furthermore, you can store it magnetically on the unit’s top.

Dyson TP09

On the other hand, the Air Doctor 3000 is a massive air purifier, standing 23 inches tall and 15.75 inches wide. It comes with just one standard white color scheme. It’s oval and lined in black on the sides. The control panel’s buttons make it simple to adjust settings.

In addition, Air Doctor AD3000 uses the standard bottom-to-top airflow system principle. It also has a well-sealed internal design. The fan motor is also huge.

Furthermore, the built-in storage is spacious and cleverly designed to maximize air production because this design helps minimize noise.

The primary difference between these two lies in their dimensions and weight. At the same time, they also differ in shapes and color choices.

However, the Dyson TP09 stands out because of its remote function and touchscreen panels. You can get the best of both worlds since it offers Formaldehyde functions.

Ultimately, both devices have a user-friendly interface that makes operating simple.

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Air Doctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Filters Compared

AIRDOCTOR AD3000 AD3500 Air Purifiers for Home And Large Rooms filters

Air Doctor 3000 and the Dyson TP09 can filter the air and remove dust and other particles. Things include pollen, dust mites, cigarette smoke, food scents, and volatile organic compounds.

As mentioned earlier, Dyson TP09 is best for filtering Formaldehyde particles. These toxins are particularly released by plywood and fiberboard insulation boards.

In most cases, the smallest particles that Air Doctor 3000 can filter out are 99.95% of 0.003 microns in size. Whereas Dyson filters by removing 99.99% of particles as little as 0.1 microns. Generally speaking, both tools can clear air up to PM 2.5 particles.

Dyson TP09 Cool Formaldehyde Filters

What kinds of filters do each of them use? Can filters tell how big a particle it is? When it comes to what kinds of particles they can trap, what exactly are they?

For the Dyson TP09, you must stack two sets of semicircular filters on either side. Two of the filters are high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) H13 models. The other two are carbon-type units designed to eliminate odors and VOCs. 

  • It can capture larger microscopic particles up to 10 microns:

      (dust, mold and pollen, wildfire smoke, compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde)

  • It can also capture microscopic particles up to 2.5 microns in size

       (smoke, bacteria and allergens, aH1N1 virus, pollen, and spores)

Meanwhile, Airdoctor 3000 has a True HEPA filter that can filter out particles as fine as PM 2.5 from the air. It can clear out the tiniest dirt particles, as little as 0.003 microns. In addition, this device is excellent at removing 99.95% of particles from the environment. Activated carbon helps clean up other toxins. 

Air Doctor 3000 can capture larger microscopic particles from 0.01 to 20 microns:

  • Smoke: 01.1- microns
  • Bacteria: 0.06-0.2 microns
  • Viruses: 0.06-0.1 microns
  • Pet dander: 2.5-10 microns
  • Pollen: 10-20 microns
  • Mold: 10 microns

AirDoctor 3000 Removes Particles 100x Smaller Than HEPA Standard

Air Doctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Main Features

The Air Doctor 3000 and the Dyson TP09 have several excellent, convenient features. Each device has useful features. These include quiet, night, airflow, and Energy Star Certified modes. On the other hand, Dyson TP09 stands out due to its phone apps, remote keys, and Google and Siri commands.

Generally, the Dyson TP09 phone app allows customers to manage the air purifier’s settings. The software is flawless in its operation and provides great ease of use. If you’re serious about air monitoring, you can get all you need on the homepage.

Moreover, Dyson TP09 introduces Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Siri. 

The purifier can be set to its quietest settings in a designated area. It can quietly monitor and clean the air without disturbing anyone. In addition, the machine has a built-in sleep timer that lets you set exactly when it will power off.

Dyson TP09 App Control

Quality Performance and Features:

  • Backward airflow mode
  • App control
  • Voice control
  • Oscillates up to 350 ̊
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy-friendly

On the other hand, you can choose between a few easy menu items in Airdoctor 3000. You can reach the LED lights and the 6-button controls with ease. An optional dimmer is also available.

AirDoctor Auto mode

The following extra features are:

  • Auto-Mode & AirQuality Sensor
  • Sealed System
  • Change Filter Alert
  • Quiet Performance

Which Air Purifier Consumes More Energy: Air Doctor 3000 or Dyson TP09? 

Dyson TP09 is more energy efficient than the AirDoctor 3000

Dyson TP09 is more energy efficient than the Air Doctor 3000. With the Dyson TP09, power consumption drops to 40 watts. However, AD3000 requires 110W of electricity. 

How about we benchmark the US national average of $0.1319/kWh?

Dyson TP09

  • Highest Speed Setting: 40W
  • Electricity Consumption: $0.13 per 24 hours
  • Lowest Speed Setting: 6W
  • Electricity Consumption: $0.02 per 24 Hours

At the highest speed setting, operating the Dyson TP09 would cost $47.45 per year.

Meanwhile, Airdoctor 3000’s low setting consumes only 11W. At its highest setting, it consumes 110 watts. Let’s do the math.

Airdoctor 3000

  • Highest Speed Setting: 110W
  • Electricity Consumption: $0.35 per 24 hours
  • Lowest Speed Setting: 11W
  • Electricity Consumption: $0.03 per 24 Hours

Running an Airdoctor 3000 24 hours a day for a year at its fastest speed setting would cost you $127.75.

Keep in mind

Since they are modern purifiers, they will likely remain continuously set to auto mode. The cumulative amount you’ll spend will be considerably less than what we estimated.

Which Air Purifier Is Quieter: Air Doctor 3000 or Dyson TP09?

AirDoctor 3000 is quieter than Dyson TP09

By all means, Air Doctor 3000 is quieter as it only emits 39 dB. At the same time, the Dyson TP09 produces 46 dB when in fan mode. You can base it on their minimum noise level.

In most cases, the maximum volume for a Dyson TP09 is 59.8 dB. Meanwhile, AirDoctor 3000 has a maximum output of 59 DB.

In addition, the Dyson TP09 machine offers a silent mode for monitoring and purifying air. Because of its improved acoustic design, it produces 20% less noise. Therefore, it is more comfortable to use.

At the same time, Airdoctor 3000 offers WhisperJet technology. Because of this, their air purifiers are 30% quieter in operation.

Air Doctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09: Room Coverage And CADR Rating 

Dyson TP09 has a coverage area of 150 square feet 5 times per hour.  Dyson doesn’t have a CADR rating as they test their air purifiers differently, but the max airflow is 100 CFM.

At the same time, the AD3000 CADR rating can cover 505 square feet 5 times per hour. It has a CADR rating of 340 CFM. So that’s 3 times more powerful air purification than Dyson. 

Air Doctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Upkeep 

Both the Dyson TP09 and AirDoctor 3000 require minimal maintenance. Both units allow regular washing of the prefilter. However, we recommend cleaning the filter at least once a month. That is to keep the machine running at maximum efficiency.

Oftentimes, you need to replace AD3000’s carbon/VOC filters every 6 months. Then UltraHEPA filters every 12 months based on 24/7 operation. It is advisable to replace the filter when the filter warning indicator light pops up.

Meanwhile, Dyson air purifier filters can last up to 1 year when used 12 hours a day. However, depending on environmental conditions, it may be necessary to replace it earlier. Also, remember to wash the filter in cold water only. 

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AirDoctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Price

AirDoctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09 Price

Air Doctor 3000 standard price on the official website is $629 ($349 to our blog readers), with an option to purchase now and pay later as low as $32/month, while the Dyson TP09 price is around $670 – $690 depending on color option. Check the latest on their official website,

Intellipure Replacement Filters cost $99. Air Oasis offers subscriptions for their filters, giving you up to 10% off based on the pack you choose.

Air Doctor 3000 replacement filter set price is $150. It includes 1 UltraHEPA filter and 2 Carbon Gas Trap/VOC filters.

Air Doctor 3000 vs. Dyson TP09: Which One Is Better? 

Indeed, it is quite clear that AD3000 won the Air Purifier Battle by a long margin. This is due to its larger room coverage and better purification.

Airdoctor 3000 attracts users to its simple aesthetics and easy-to-navigate panels. It can cover medium-sized to large spaces. Thus, it also offers quiet mode features suitable for a good night’s sleep.

Meanwhile, Dyson TP09 can clean harmful Formaldehyde particles. It also has an oscillating air quality that circulates effectively. Additionally, it stands out regarding energy consumption, design, and aesthetics.

Ultimately, choose Airdoctor 3000 if you don’t plan on linking your air purifier with your smart home. The CADR capabilities are strong enough to compete. Moreover, the auto mode features are quite helpful, too.

Ultimately, the Dyson TP09 air purifier offers innovative features anywhere in your home. It also can work as a fan to make your room cool during hot days. 

AirDoctor 3500i - Airdoctor with Wifi connected app

Behold, the Air Doctor 3500i – a celestial upgrade from the AD3000 model, is now infused with the power of a mobile app! We’ve transformed the game with real-time air quality insights, filter change notifications, device enchantment, and sharing wonders!

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