Air Doctor 1000 vs. 2000 Air Purifier Side-By-Side Review

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Airdoctor 1000 vs. 2000 Air Purifier Side-By-Side Review

Anyone in need of high-quality air filtration might turn to AirDoctor. The company believes everyone should have clean access to clean air. They validate many forms of airborne pollutants regularly and provide in-depth certifications.

Air Doctor is a popular brand of high-quality air filtration systems. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit any indoor environment. All the products from this manufacturer have UltraHEPA filters. These operate so quietly that you won’t even notice they’re there.

In this blog post, we will discuss two of the best air purifiers they have, Airdoctor 1000 and 2000. We will compare the two deeply and help you decide which works best.

Air Doctor 1000 comes in a compact appearance and weight. This makes it easy and portable to move in different spaces. Yet, in terms of portability and weight, Air Doctor 2000 is identical. However, it has a higher CADR rating and useful purifying features. Both are energy-efficient and user-friendly for first-time users.

These devices offer key features such as auto mode, a filter indicator, and dim controls. However, regarding functionality and strength, Airdoctor 2000 is way ahead.

Air Purifier Air Doctor 1000 Air Doctor 2000
Room Size Coverage 285 sq. ft. 4x/hour 305 sq. ft. 4x/hour
CADR (Smoke)/CFM 162 152
Fan Speeds 4 4
Noise Level 34-54 dB 38-59 dB
Power Consumption 7 – 40 W 11 – 110 W
Dimensions 9” (W) x 9” (D) x 23” (H) 13.85″ (W) x 6.6″ (D) x 18.72″ (H)
Weight 10 lbs 10 lbs
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Air Doctor 1000 (AD1000) Air Purifier 

Airdoctor 1000 Air Purifier 

Air Doctor 1000 professional air purifier filters and supplies clean air in your home. With the help of this device, you will be free from allergens and dust particles.

Moreover, Air Doctor 1000 has a carbon filter to eliminate odors and volatile compounds. The air quality in your area is about to improve once you start using this.

Let’s begin evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of the Airdoctor 1000.


  • Best purification in smaller spaces
  • User-friendly, easy to operate
  • It works great and removes the wood smoke smell


  • Without remote control access

AirDoctor 2000 (AD2000) Air Purifier 

Airdoctor 2000 Air Purifier 

Air Doctor 2000 is widely known to be the small and mighty classic air purifier. It is a compact air purifier that delivers a powerful purifying blow.

No wonder it is ideal for use in smaller spaces such as living rooms, nurseries, home offices, and bedrooms.

It followed in the footsteps of the larger AD3000 in 2022, only appearing smaller. It has the same tried and true purifying properties and a duplicate physical shape to match.


  • Lightweight and convenient for small spaces
  • Fantastic air performance 
  • Setup is quick and easy


  • Limited area coverage

Air Doctor AD1000 And AD2000 Design And Measurements

Regarding the design & measurements, you can use Air Doctor 1000 to clean small areas. They come in 9” (W) x 9” (D) x 23” (H) dimensions.

AirDoctor 1000 Measurements and Design

Additionally, they are best for modest spaces such as a guest bedroom, a child’s room, or an office. 

Meanwhile, Air Doctor 2000 is also best for medium-sized and smaller rooms. To be specific, its size ranges from 13.85″ (W) x 6.6″ (D) x 18.72″ (H).

AirDoctor 2000 Measurements and Design

In comparison, Air Doctor 2000 is wider than Air Doctor 1000. However, in terms of length, AD1000 is higher. Like AD1000, you can place them in nurseries, home offices, and bedrooms. 

You can locate the AirDoctor 2000 air outlet at the top of the air purifier and beside the touch control panel. Beside it, you can locate the air quality monitor.

However, in Air Doctor 1000, the touch control panel sits on the side of the body of the air purifier. It resides beside the air quality sensor cover.

Like AD2000, the air outlet is also located at the top part of the purifier. You can locate the power outlet at the bottom left part of the device.

Generally, the AirDoctor 1000 is widely regarded as the Small And Mighty Tower. At the same time, Airdoctor 2000 is best known to be the Small And Mighty Classic one.

Overall, both Air Doctor 1000 and 2000 are lightweight in terms of size. They are 10 pounds in weight. These devices are easy to move from room to room.

What Kind Of Air Pollution Can AirDoctor 1000 And 2000 Destroy?

What Kind Of Air pollution Airdoctor 1000 And 2000 Can Destroy?

Air Doctor 1000 has a three-stage filtration system that filters the air you breathe. It can wipe away allergens, pet dander, and VOC compounds like formaldehyde.

At the same time, Air Doctor 2000 can also filter out airborne allergens. They can also cleanse other small particles.

In addition, it contains a high-quality Carbon Filter that can get rid of VOCs and odors. Carbon/gas, smoke, and residual scents are all captured by it.

Overall, both purifiers have an ultra HEPA filter. It is widely known to be the most advanced filter. Airdoctor 1000 and 2000 capture particles as small as 0.003 microns (99.95%).

Thanks to this Ultrafilter, which is 100 times more effective than a standard HEPA filter.

Air Doctor 1000 vs. 2000 Filters Comparison

As mentioned earlier, the Air Doctor 1000 features an UltraHEPATM filter.

AirDoctor 1000 filters

Because of this, the device helps out by supplying fresh air. In addition, Airdoctor 1000 also uses a carbon filter. This filter is the easiest technique to keep the odor away from your home.

When filtering replacements, you buy a new set of UltraHEPA filters (ADF1001). Meanwhile, you can also purchase a Carbon filter (ADF1002).

If you use your Air Doctor 1000 daily, you should replace the filters every six months. Remember to replace your filters whenever the Replace Filter Alert light comes on.

For filter replacements in Airdoctor2000, you can get a new UltraHEPA Filter (ADF2001). You also have options such as Carbon Filter (ADF2002) or Pre-Filter (ADF2003) (ADF2003).

AirDoctor 2000 Filters

Generally, AirDoctor 2000 requires minimal upkeep. A high-quality filter can last up to six months, depending on usage and conditions. Typically, an UltraHEPA filter can last up to twelve months.

As you can see, both the AD1000 and the Air Doctor 2000 have UltraHEPA standard filters. For even healthier breathing, both units come with an activated carbon filter.

Air Doctor 1000 Compared To Other Brands:

Air Doctor 2000 Compared To Other Brands:

Air Doctor 1000 vs. 2000 Key Features

Air Doctor 1000 boasts robust features in all the most important areas.

AirDoctor 1000 key features

Among these are:

  • Fan with four different speeds (Low, Medium, High, and Boost)
  • Air quality monitor screen
  • It has auto switch mode that modifies the fan’s speed 
  • An adjustable 24-hour timer for use in scheduling operations
  • Built-in ionizer 
  • When activated, the night mode reduces the brightness of the control panel
  • Clean filter signal
  • Energy efficient
  • ION Generator
  • Control Lock feature
  • EPA approved

Air Doctor 1000’s maintenance indicator lets you know when to clean the filter. If the air quality meter is dirty, the LED screen will stay fixed on one color.

You can use a vacuum to remove dust and debris from the air monitor chamber. 

You will also find that Air Doctor 2000 has several key features that appeal to you.

AirDoctor 2000 Design

Important characteristics include:

  • High-quality Carbon Filter and UltraHEPA Filter
  • The powerful and quiet fan has four-speed settings
  • Air quality monitor 
  • Auto mode automatically adjusts fan speed 
  • With a programmable 24-hour timer
  • Integrated ionizer improves filtering efficiency
  • Night mode switch
  • Indicators cleaning light
  • Low-power and energy-efficient
  • EPA approved

We suggest using the Air Doctor 2000 mostly in its Auto setting. As you can see, once the device identifies particles, the AirDoctor will adjust its system. It will modify at a rate proportional to the level of contamination.

AirDoctor 1000 and 2000 vary in size and model but are identical.

The Air Doctor 1000 has solid usability but nothing spectacular. The auto mode is a nice touch, but no software support features exist. Nonetheless, AirDoctor focuses mainly on its purifying features.

On the other hand, AirDoctor 2000 has a generally pleasant user interface. Its primary goal is to maximize efficiency without adding complexity. Therefore, AD 2000 retains several useful characteristics.

Above all, the Airdoctor 1000 and 2000 have a 12-month limited warranty. Most importantly, both devices meet the pollution criteria set by EPA. 

Air Doctor 1000 vs. 2000 Power Consumption

Airdoctor 1000 vs. 2000 Power Consumption

Air Doctor air purifiers are among the most energy-efficient on the market.

The power requirements of an Airdoctor 1000 are 40 watts at 120 volts and 60 hertz. That would be identical to AirDoctor 2000. The difference is that AD 2000 uses 11 watts on the low setting. Then, another 110 watts on the high setting for its energy consumption.

For example, we can calculate the yearly power consumption with an electricity rate of $0.12 per kWh. of each device.

Airdoctor 1000 will consume $21 per year with a high speed simultaneously. Airdoctor 2000 will cost you $31.50.

Generally, it costs roughly $30–$40 annually to keep Air Doctor running in Auto mode. However, local utility prices will vary.

As you can see, these devices don’t use too much electricity. The average air purifier draws less than 10 watts an hour. That is about the same as the power required to run a TV set for two hours.

Air Doctor 1000 vs. 2000 Noise Level

Airdoctor 1000 vs. 2000 Noise Level

Regarding volume and noise, the AirDoctor 1000 has a minimum speed of 34 dB and a maximum speed of 54 dB. If low-frequency noise is a problem for you while you sleep, the AD100 should be an adequate solution.

At the same time, a minimum of 38 DB (Slowest Speed) and a maximum of 59 DB are available on the Air Doctor 2000. Like AD1000, its power level should be silent enough for nighttime use.

As you can see, both units operate with minimal noise. These should be quiet enough to sleep through on the lowest setting. However, when the fans are set to their greatest speeds, they can be extremely noisy.

As a point of comparison, a refrigerator makes about as much noise as a rating of 50 decibels. As a result, Air Doctor 1000 generates less noise compared to AD2000.

Air Doctor 1000 vs. 2000 CADR And Room Coverage

AirDoctor 1000 vs. 2000 CADR And Room Coverage

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a standardized method of efficiency of an air purifier. It is a procedure to reduce airborne contaminants in a given amount of time.

Comparatively, the CADR for AirDoctor purifiers (AD1000) is 152. On the other hand, Air Doctor purifiers (AD2000) have a 162 CADR rating.

Regarding area coverage, Airdoctor 1000 replaces the air every 15 minutes or four times an hour. It purifies the air in a space as little as 285 square feet four times an hour or as large as 570 square feet two times an hour. 

On the other hand, Airdoctor 2000 is also convenient for rooms up to 305 square feet. It can clean the area 4 times an hour or twice an hour in 610 square feet.

Above all, despite their small size, both devices provide outstanding coverage. Also, the portability and light weight make it practical for multiple rooms.

Is the Maintenance of Air Doctor 1000 And 2000 Easy?

Airdoctor 1000 and 2000 are equally simple to maintain

Yes, AirDoctor 1000 and 2000 are equally simple to maintain. Both devices have signal indicators that tell you when to clean the air filter. This makes it a straightforward process.

Remember that you need to clean the Air Doctor 1000 filters every six months. You should include the Carbon VOC Filter and UltraHEPA Filter.

Meanwhile, for Air Doctor 2000, you should maintain the Carbon filter every six months. At the same time, you can wash the UltraHEPA filter every 12 months.

Do not forget that both systems contain reusable Pre-Filter. To keep the filters dry, you should avoid cleaning the Pre-Filter. 

Air Doctor 1000 vs. 2000: Which One To Choose?

To provide you with a final verdict, both the Airdoctor 1000 and 2000 are great products. Thus, choosing between the two will depend on your budget. 

Both are equally simple to maintain. Additionally, they provide outstanding coverage when it comes to purification. Because of their portability, both are also useful for more compact spaces. 

Ensure you go for the Airdoctor 2000 because it has a higher CADR rating. Even though it comes with higher energy costs, the features provide high quality. If you want a lesser noise level, Airdoctor 1000 can provide you with a good night’s sleep. 

Regarding functionality and strength, Airdoctor 2000 has got you covered.

AirDoctor 2000i - Airdoctor with Wifi connected app

Now, AD2000 is available with Wi-Fi and app control. The new model AD2000i provides full device control from your phone, including real-time air quality data, filter usage change alerts, and more.

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