How Frequently Should You Be Running An Air Purifier?

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How Frequently Should You Be Running An Air Purifier?

We, on average, apparently spend 65% of our time at home currently. This is all the more reason why we should be stressing good quality air purifiers at home.

This is because not only external atmospheric air pollution leads to concern, but we must also ensure healthy indoor air quality! After all, most people spend most of their time indoors due to Covid.

Nearly 51% of total air pollution is caused by industrial by-products, 27% by toxic vehicle emissions, 17% from burning crops, and 5% by fireworks.

With so much toxic pollutant concentration in the external environment, how can you be sure that the air quality inside your home is perfectly healthy?

Deterioration of indoor air quality poses many health risks for all ages. So it is wise to buy a good air purifier for your safety.

What Do Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers improve the air quality inside a room. They make it purer and more hygienic. Air filters and other advanced air purification technologies built inside the air purifier do this.

What Do Air Purifiers Remove From the Air?

Air purifiers can remove air pollutants like dust, allergens, bacteria, and toxins. They can also improve the odor quality of a room and provide a better indoor environment.

However, it is to be noted that each purifier works differently.

Benefits Of Filtered Air

  • Helps to soothe asthma symptoms— Pollen grains, dust, animal fur, and hair can trigger asthma attacks. Air purifiers with HEPA filters trap these allergens, thus greatly relieving asthma patients.
  • Traps toxic chemicals—They help provide healthy and hygienic indoor air quality by removing harmful chemicals like nitrogen dioxide PM and carbon monoxide PM from the room air.
  • Prevents airborne diseases— HEPA air purifiers trap bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microorganisms to prevent airborne diseases.
  • Improved sleep—It changes bad odor in the room and prevents deterioration of air quality. This helps maintain a regulated internal environment, thus enhancing your sleep quality.
  • Increases life expectancy—Some airborne pollutants are so small that they can penetrate the blood‐brain barrier. This causes brain impairment, cognitive issues, and other neurological problems. Air purifiers help prevent serious medical conditions, ensuring a long, healthy life.

Should I Keep My Air Purifier On All the Time?

Should I Keep My Air Purifier On All the Time?

Air purifiers are not a luxury anymore. They are an absolute necessity. Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is quite a task due to the staggering rate of industrial and vehicle pollutants emissions.

So air purifiers are one of the most highly recommended solutions to this mess. They are also widely used nowadays. Studies show that nearly 46% of households having two or more adults have installed an air purifier. That is a huge number of people globally.

Now the most frequently asked question about air purifiers is if it is always okay to run an air purifier 24/7. Absolutely yes! It is entirely safe and okay to keep running your air purifier constantly.

Is There Any Reason Not To Run Your Air Purifier 24/7?

There is no reason not to always run your air purifier. And there are ample reasons why you should be keeping it on 24/7. All your doubts have been answered below. So head on to the next section to find out!

Do You Need To Run an Air Purifier Constantly?

Yes! Keeping the air purifier on all day and night is undoubtedly the best way to ensure highly hygienic indoor air quality.

Impurities are everywhere, and pollutants like dust, smoke, bacteria, or even pet hair are most efficiently removed by running the air purifier all the time through its air filtering mechanism.

This ensures you do not inhale these minuscule pollutants, even by mistake. Therefore it protects you from any respiratory or neurological health issues.

Another big reason you need to run your air purifier constantly is that purifiers are designed to provide filtration continuously. This means that the moment you turn it off, you undo all the purification effects it achieved till now.

So no further air purification occurs. So as long as air circulation is present in the room, through natural ventilators or open windows, you are at high risk from outdoor dust and dirt since they are now entering freely into the indoor space without any filtering.

This may trigger a range of health issues, often fatal. So running a purifier all the time is the only way to ensure that incoming contaminants are being constantly cleaned.

Should I Keep My Air Purifier On All Day And Night?

It would help if you kept running your air purifier all the time. It is recommended never to switch it off when, say, you are sleeping or you will go out of the home. Many people think it is wise to turn it off when leaving home since purification is useless when you are not at home.

They think switching it off also helps to save energy. This has absolutely no truth to it.

Air purifiers are designed to operate non-stop throughout the day and night. So saving energy by turning it off is just a false notion. Most importantly, when you switch off the purifier before leaving your house, it is highly dangerous.

This is because, now, external contaminants will freely enter the indoor space without checking or supervision. Dust, dirt, pollens, and toxic gaseous emissions will invade your room whenever a window or door is opened.

These pollutants will enter the room even if windows are not opened. This is because a house is never entirely sealed and protected.

So unless you want to put your health at stake, it is advisable to keep the purifier on always.

Is It Dangerous To Leave Air Purifiers On All the Time?

Firstly, as stated earlier, air purifiers were designed to provide service 24/7 and work around the clock. They have highly efficient inbuilt engines that are super quiet, have long durability, and have worked for many years.

The best air purifiers have also undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance and high durability.

Secondly, if you are worried about short circuits’ potential risks, you should know that the best air purifiers are safely secure against short circuits.

This is because most of them come with integrated short-circuit protection. This functionality automatically cuts off the electricity supply to the machine and turns it off when some electric fluctuation or malfunction is sensed.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Your Air Purifier All Day?

Many people are of the notion that running an air purifier all the time may cost a fortune. But, on the contrary, the truth is far from this false belief.

Most HEPA air purifiers use very low energy, roughly 50—100 watts per hour. This means that even if you keep your air purifier on 24/7 throughout the month, the bill at the end of every month would be within $6–$10 only!

Hence keeping air purifiers on all the time is not heavy on the pocket and is supremely beneficial.

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