How To Dispose Of Window Air Conditioner?

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How To Dispose Of Window Air Conditioner?

Do you own an old air conditioner that needs to be disposed of? Because air conditioners (and other household devices containing refrigerant) contain hazardous waste components, they should not be disposed of in a conventional trash can.

It will help if you exercise extreme caution while disposing of old air conditioners. Improper disposal is considered a public nuisance and may result in legal action.

Recycling air conditioners is the preferred method of removing outdated air conditioners. This strategy has some obvious environmental advantages. However, the most notable benefit of recycling air conditioning systems is that it prevents the discharge of mercury, ozone-depleting chemicals, and greenhouse gases. 

According to EPA regulations, you can dispose of an air conditioner by sending it to a scrapyard. You may also search for rebate programs under local utilities.

Additionally, you could consider consulting your local disposal agency. Another option is the retailer exchange; the most ethical solution is recycling it.

What’s the Problem with Window AC Disposal? 

Like all appliances that employ refrigeration, Window air conditioners use refrigerants, which are unique substances that are either liquid or gaseous. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), including R12; Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), including R22; and Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), including R410A and R134, are the most frequent.

These refrigerants are suspected of contributing to the “greenhouse gas effect,” sometimes known as Global Warming or Climate Change. Some are also thought to deplete the ozone layer, a thin layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that immerses nearly all of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

These refrigerants are confined in a sealed system inside an AC unit and do not harm the environment if they do not leak. But, given the current emphasis on clean air and climate change, it’s easy to see why causing these substances to be released into the air has been deemed unlawful.

Throwing away your old window air conditioner, which will end up in a landfill, will cause the refrigerant to leak and harm the environment.

How to Correctly Dispose of an Air Conditioner?

Dispose of an Air Conditioner

You have several options when it comes time to get rid of your old air conditioner. 

Here are several locations where you can properly dispose of your old air conditioning unit:

Consult Under Local Sanitation Policies

Certain appliances, including air conditioners, are subject to local rules and regulations for disposal. Call your local sanitation agency before disposing of your air conditioner in a landfill, trash, or recycle bin so they may provide you with recommendations for disposing of old air conditioners.

Some appliances must be prepared before being discarded. Others must be disposed of in a designated spot, but a skilled technician must remove others. If in doubt, contact your local disposal program to ensure that your old air conditioners are appropriately disposed of.

Your local sanitation service will often know how to properly dispose of outdated air conditioners. They may establish a distinct air conditioner disposal location and qualified technicians and staff dedicated to this job. Alternatively, they may partner with a third-party agency that handles their work. It’s usually good to check with your local sanitation department first.

Consider HVAC Retailers Exchange

When buying a new air conditioner to replace your old one, ask the HVAC merchant whether they will take and dispose of the old one for you. In some circumstances, sellers include disposal services in the product’s price. Other retailers may reduce the cost of a new air conditioner if you trade in your old one.

Retailers and distributors can sometimes perform the job for you. For example, when you buy a new air conditioner, the merchant may offer you the option of trading in your old one and receiving a rebate, similar to a utility rebate. The retailer is then liable for the appliance’s proper disposal.

Search for a Rebate Program

You can get money for your old air conditioner by participating in special programs a regional or local utility provides. 

Some incentive programs may also provide discounts or rebates for purchasing newer, high-efficiency air conditioner units. But, again, contacting your local electricity provider is the most straightforward approach to finding out if there are any bounty programs in your area.

Local utilities and state governments now refund customers who trade in their old, inefficient air conditioners for newer, more efficient models. In this manner, you save money on a new unit and get your old air conditioner safely disposed of. This initiative provides incentives for properly disposing of old air conditioners. 

Consult with Your Local Disposal Station

A trash transfer station is an industrial facility that collects and temporarily stores municipal solid waste. Eventually, the waste is collected and sent to a landfill or a waste treatment facility. 

In most cases, such facilities are positioned next to material recovery centers. So, for example, you can dispose of your old air conditioning system at a waste transfer site. They are professionals who could figure out what to do with it.

Your city’s sanitation staff would also know how to properly dispose of outdated air conditioners. They may establish a distinct air conditioner disposal location and qualified technicians and staff dedicated to this job. 

Alternatively, they may partner with a third-party agency that handles their work. It’s usually good to check with your local sanitation department first.

Recycle and Donate

You can donate your old air conditioner in two ways. First, if the appliance is old but still functional, consider donating it to charity or another noble cause. You will not only have aided a local charity but also be eligible for tax breaks.

Another approach to recycling your old air conditioner is to find a local organization that can repurpose the parts rather than disposes of them in a landfill. Although some air conditioner parts cannot be given, most plastics and metals may.

Instead of purchasing a new one and incurring additional fees, they would be delighted to have a working air conditioner for a fraction of the price. Donate your old air conditioner to a charity or shelter house in your area. You may be eligible for tax breaks with the mental joy of contributing to a worthy cause.

How to Prepare an AC Unit for Disposal

Prepare an AC Unit for Disposal

Because your air conditioner cannot be thrown away, you’ll need another strategy to verify you’re following any processes put in place by your municipality.

The following are the steps you should take:

Take Out The Doors

Removing door covers or hatches from the AC unit can keep children and small animals from becoming trapped inside if they decide to investigate.

Remove The Refrigerant From The System

Allow an appliance technician or expert to empty the refrigerant or coolant from your air conditioner before disposing, recycling, or donating it. 

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Any tanks, tubes, hoses, or other items containing refrigerant or coolant must be brought separately to a hazardous waste collection center to dispose of safely. Contact your local government or browse their website to locate the nearest hazardous waste facility.

Seek Assistance

Bring someone with you to assist you if you intend to self-haul your old air conditioner to be disposed of, recycled, or given. Attempting to move massive AC units alone is exceedingly unsafe and could result in serious harm.

Proceed with Caution

When transporting your air conditioner for recycling, donation, or disposal, don’t break any tubing or leak any coolant. This may be extremely dangerous to you and the environment.

Best Air Conditioner Disposal Services in the USA

RAD partners are of service to protect the ozone layer and minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Partners, in particular, send appliances to recycling facilities that can adequately handle the environmentally hazardous elements present in the units, such as foam insulation. 

Here is the list of Best AC Disposal Services in the US:

Facility Name State Phone Number Website
ARCA Recycling, Inc. CA 310-223-2800
Recleim                        FL 803-392-7808
CLEAResult IA 319-369-0463
SCS Logistics IN 916-295-4207

People Also Ask

How do I dispose of a window air conditioner in NYC?

If you live in New York City, you can use this online form to schedule an appointment with the Department of Sanitation.

You will leave the unit at the curb, and someone will come to remove the CFCs on the specified day. The appliance will then be tagged and released on the next garbage day. 

How to Prepare for Pickup

  • Place appliances with their backs on the street. Only appliances that have been marked for collection will be collected.
  • Contact your local DSNY garage if you need to dispose of many appliances.

How do I dispose of a window air conditioner in Boston?

To dispose of your window air conditioner in Boston, non-emergency situations can be reported in four ways:

  • Call 311
  • Download the BOS 311 application on your mobile phones
  • Tweet @BOS311
  • Go to their website at

What is 311?

311 is a simple phone number in Boston that connects you to highly-trained Constituent Service Center staff ready to assist you with non-emergency City service and information needs.

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