How To Hang Curtains Around a Window Air Conditioner?

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How To Hang Curtains Around a Window Air Conditioner

Curtains are frequently put within a building’s windows to limit the flow of light, such as at night, to facilitate sleeping or prevent light from escaping outside the building, stopping people outside from seeing inside, especially at night.

This article will cover the correct information on efficiently placing curtains around a window air conditioner.

You can hang curtains around a window air conditioner by swaying up the long drapes from the topmost of the window to the floor. Then hang two curtain panels on the window and use ties or hooks to pull the sides back.

The hooks should be placed about halfway down the AC unit such that the cloth covers the top corners of the unit but leaves the airflow unobstructed.

Can You Cover Window Air Conditioner With Curtains?

Yes, you can enclose your AC unit using your curtains.

Installing curtains halfway down the window can conceal your AC unit while allowing natural light to enter. Furthermore, you can pull the curtains aside when not in use.

They won’t obstruct airflow, making them an excellent alternative for concealing your window unit all year.

Remember to choose your fabric wisely. Not all curtain fabrics are appropriate for keeping cold air out of your interior areas.

Lightweight textiles, such as linen, lace, and sheer cotton, are loosely woven and allow chilly air to enter your rooms.

Can curtains obstruct the flow of air conditioning?

Curtains can divide a room; you can choose a solid, airy, or both textiles as desired.

However, because weaving is a tiny gap for optimum performance in blocking air conditioners, curtains cannot help to block 100% of the air conditioner. Therefore, you should select relatively thick curtains.

How To Hang Curtains Around a Window Air Conditioner?

Homeowners can disguise their window air conditioner in various ways, such as utilizing a seat or anything with the back of the window air conditioner. 

The simple idea is to use drapes and curtains that complement the beauty of your interior, which will boost the attractiveness of window air conditioners and assist in adorning the room while also disguising the window air conditioner.

Step 1. Wrap A Curtain Rod Around The Air Conditioner’s Window

If the AC unit is brand new, this step may not be essential, but if it is already installed in your window and you’ve been wondering how to hang curtains, this is the place to start.

You can turn a curtain rod using any standard means, such as drilling into the walls or placing hefty nails over the top of the A/C unit.

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Standard Decorative Window Curtain Rod

In most circumstances, attaching a bracket to either side of your AC unit while leaving about one foot of space between them should suffice.

The goal here is to avoid attaching anything too tightly so that there is no risk of damage when removing it afterward.

Step 2. Attach Your Curtain Rod To The Bracket

Check that it is securely fastened and hangs flat against the wall or ceiling (depending on where you turn it). For increased support, employ an additional rod that runs horizontally along the length of your window.

This should be done if there is too much gap between brackets because there isn’t enough space for the curtains to hang correctly from each end.

You can create a second layer by connecting another rod at a lower level near the AC unit. However, in most circumstances, a single pair of rings should suffice regardless of the type of curtains.

Step 3. Curtain Rings Should Be Attached To The Top Rod Of Your Curtains

To be safe, add around four more rounds for each set of curtains. If you need to open and close them frequently, this will protect them from slipping off.

Remember to keep in mind that you’re only adding these for stability, so they don’t have to be gorgeous.

If you wish to improve the aesthetics, you can use two half-rings attached on either side with clips instead, although this isn’t required.

Step 4. Place The Short Curtain Panels Over The Ring 

If you’re using two different rods, ensure they’re evenly spaced away; otherwise, leave enough space between curtains to notice a gap between them.

You can now adjust the bottom rod/s to your desired height by rotating a tension rod 90° and sliding it up and down as needed.

Next, pull one end of the curtains toward you and reposition it on the ring (s). Again, make sure they are not excessively tight because this may cause them to twist and turn in an unattractive manner.

Step 5. Secure Two Rings Per Extension Cord

Drape panels should be hung from curtain tiebacks connected to the top of your drapes with two rings per extension cord.

You can add a single keyhole-style clip if desired, but no more hardware is required for this step because other attachments on the top and bottom of your curtains should offer adequate room.

Step 6. Hang a Valance

Using curtain rings, clips, or sticky hooks, hang a valance from the ceiling or wall at the window’s top.

Other Ideas How To Decorate Around A Window Air Conditioner

Ideas How To Decorate Around A Window Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner makes decorating difficult, here are a few innovative ideas to conceal it and incorporate it into your home decor:

Make It Part of a Bookcase

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Floor Standing Bookcase

Another excellent option to conceal and integrate the AC unit into the room’s interior decor is positioning it within an open bookcase.

The bookcase is a piece of furniture that you already have in your room. As a result, incorporating it into something already part of the space decor is incredibly simple. 

To ensure that the air conditioner is not visible while not in use, place a door in front of it that you can only open when you want to turn the AC on.

Paint Your Air Conditioner

You can use acrylic painting to decorate the AC unit to complement the rest of the room’s design.

It will provide a trendy touch to the area but also appear to be a work of art, perfectly complementing your interior style. 

Is It Okay If I Paint the Air Conditioner?

You can quickly give your air conditioner a new look with spray paint. The process is straightforward: remove the rust, clean the metal, and protect the interior components from paint.

After you’ve finished the prep work, you can refinish it with high-quality rust-inhibiting metal paint.

Make use of a Decorative Wall Panel.

When you desire to hide an air conditioner, a one-of-a-kind wall decoration or a die-cut decorative wall panel is always ideal.

You don’t have to clean the AC as an extra plus constantly. In addition, a panel may transform any object into a brilliant work of art. 

You can buy one at a local store, have one built by a carpenter, or buy one online. Pick a panel that matches your home’s décor to blend in with the rest of the property.

Make Use Of It As A Shelf

A little extra storage space is always appreciated in any home. If you install your AC unit at a reachable height on the wall, you can efficiently utilize it as a shelf and place your belongings and decorations.

If you prefer to utilize the AC unit as a shelf, you can put anything on it, including photo frames, plants, decorations, and art.

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