Why Does My Ceiling Fan Light Won’t Turn On, But Fan Does?

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Why Does My Ceiling Fan Light Won’t Turn On, But Fan Does?

Your ceiling fan light suddenly not working is inconvenient because it may indicate the need for repairs. However, why does the fan work but the lights won’t switch on if it’s broken?

One of the primary reasons your ceiling fan light won’t turn on, but the fan does, is that maybe the bulbs are already worn out, and you may need to replace them with fresh light bulbs.

However, if you have already tried this solution and a burnout light bulb is not the problem, my discussion will provide the solution you need and bring your ceiling fan to emit light again.

Reasons Why a Ceiling Fan Light Stopped Working

There are 4 main reasons that you have to look at whenever your ceiling fan light suddenly stops working.

Incorrect Installation

Incorrect ceiling fan Installation

First and foremost, check whether the ceiling fan lights are properly installed. The electric current from the main switch might not be correctly interacting with your light bulbs.

You can fix the problem by checking the line first, taking the installation process second, and ensuring you have correctly installed them.

Basic Problems

The basic problems that the ceiling fan light stopped working are issues with the bulb, light switch, or breakers.

To determine if this is causing the problem, you need to check if the circuit breakers are turned on and properly working, and then you have to be certain that the fixture is receiving sufficient power.

And then, make sure that the light bulbs are not burned before you switch them on.

Faulty Wiring System

A disconnected and damaged wiring system can also be the culprit for why the lights of the ceiling fan fixture stopped working.

Two possible reasons for the faulty wiring system could be an animal biting the wires, or the systems might have short-circuited.

Pull Switch is Not in Working Condition

Another common issue with ceiling fan lights is the pull switch that has significantly worn out.

The pull switch turns the ceiling fan’s lights on and off, and the fixture will not be working once the internal parts, like the mechanical system of the switch, are broken.

How Can I Fix a Ceiling Fan Light That Won’t Turn On?

How Can I Fix a Ceiling Fan Light That Won’t Turn On?

If replacing the light bulbs doesn’t work, below are possible ways to troubleshoot your ceiling fan lights and make them work.

But before we move on, you need the following items to successfully fix the ceiling fan lights.

  • Soft cloth
  • Light bulb socket cleaning brush
  • Replacement for pull chain light switch
  • Small slotted screwdriver
  • Noncontact voltage tester

1. Check the Wire Connection

  • Turn off the circuit breaker that is particularly connected to the electrical circuit of the ceiling fan.
  • Turn the screws to remove the canopy. And then, lower the canopy and let it rests against the motor.
  • Use a non-wattage voltage tester to determine if the wires are properly working.
  • Check the wire connectors that are located in the electric box. And then twist them counter-clockwise to tighten the wires.
  • You may also have to replace the canopy.
  • Afterward, you may now turn on the circuit breaker.

 2. Pull Chain Light Switch Replacement

Pull Chain Light Switch Replacement

  • Turn off the circuit breaker connected to the ceiling fan
  • Remove the screws of the junction box and pull out the kit that’s housing the wiring system
  • Untwist the wires linking the ceiling fan light and light kit
  • Particularly look for the two black wires that are connected to the pull chain light switch, and then untwist the connectors that are holding the remaining switch wires
  • Afterward, unscrew the nuts that are holding the pull chain light switch and remove the old switch from the kit
  • And then, install the new light kit before you turn the circuit breaker back on

3. Check the Connection of the Light Kit Wire

  • Turn off the circuit breaker connecting the ceiling fan to the electrical system
  • Twist the screws of the light kit and remove the top cover
  • Check the wire connection and tighten any loose wires
  • Replace the light kit whenever necessary
  • Turn the circuit breaker back on

4. Check the Light Bulb Socket for Damages

  • Turn the ceiling fan’s circuit breaker off
  • Remove the light bulbs from the ceiling fan
  • Use a non-wattage tester and stick them to the positive and negative of the bulb socket.
  • Use a brush to remove debris and corrosion on the socket, then wipe them off using a soft cloth.
  • Pry the metal plate on the socket by using a small and slotted screwdriver
  • Replace the metal plate before turning back the circuit breaker on

How Do I Know if a Ceiling Fan Switch Is Bad?

How Do I Know if a Ceiling Fan Switch Is Bad?

Below are the steps to consider to diagnose if you have a faulty ceiling fan switch—

1. Locate the Circuit Breaker

Once the ceiling fan is no longer working, the first step you have to take is to check the circuit breaker. And the reason why this is the case is that you have to double-check if the wires have been tripped.

If parts of the wire in the circuit breaker have been tripped, you will notice that the ceiling fan isn’t the only fixture that isn’t working.

2. Investigate the Black Switches

It’s highly possible that one of the switches in the fuse box was turned off if the ceiling fan isn’t working. In this case, your primary task is ensuring all black switches are properly turned on.

3. Reset the Circuit

To reset the circuit, try turning the switch off and then on—by conducting a circuit reset, you boost the electrical flow to your ceiling fan.

If none of the solutions are presented in this section, then the problem of why the ceiling fan is not working is likely to be the switch is faulty.

In repairing the switch, you may need the assistance of a professional electrician due to the dangers of electricity.

Do Ceiling Fan Lights Have Fuses?

Do Ceiling Fan Lights Have Fuses?

Unfortunately, ceiling fans do not have fuses. As you might have already surmised, the fuse involved in operating ceiling fans is the electrical circuit breaker.

The circuit breaker is typically placed in the basement wall if unsure where it is located.

When you open the circuit breaker, you will find several fuses controlling your home’s electrical current. The labels of fuses are usually labeled with the specific area of your home.

Therefore, you only have to engage the black switch where the ceiling fan is situated if you try resetting the electrical flow in the area.

Do Ceiling Fans Have a Reset Button?

No. Ceiling fans do not have a specific reset button you can use if you troubleshoot the fixture.

However, you can reset the electrical current flowing to the ceiling fan by turning the black switch off and back on.

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